Loyalton's Milton Gottardi Museum

Preserving the history of the Sierra Valley

Railroad Avenue

History of Sierra Valley Railroads and Industry

Train Layout

Our O-scale train layout celebrates the history of railroads and industry in the Loyalton area. The layout depicts Loyalton as it existed in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and features depictions of Loyalton’s logging, box manufacturing, and dairy ranching during that time period. It also includes replicas of historical buildings, including the Golden West Hotel, red corner store, White’s garage, and others. A representation of the Boca-Loyalton and Clover Valley Lumber Co. Railroads ties the layout together.

History of Toy Trains

On loan from our very own Gary Nelson, our toy train exhibits showcase the history of Ives, American Flyer, and Lionel toy and model trains from the 1890’s to the present. We also feature railroad equipment (including lanterns and signals) and dining car memorabilia throughout the Railroad Avenue section of the museum.


Our ranching exhibit features various implements and photographs of the Sierra Valley’s early ranching industry.


The logging exhibit features tools and photographs from the Sierra Valley’s logging operations.

Ice Cutting

Our ice cutting exhibit details the ice-cutting operations at Boca Reservoir, which was an important source of ice before the widespread availability of refrigeration.