Loyalton's Milton Gottardi Museum

Preserving the history of the Sierra Valley

Hallway Exhibits

Native American Exhibit

The Native American diplay features arrowheads, baskets, and other artifacts from the Washoe and Maidu tribes. Highlighted is a Smithsonian-verified 700-year-old fertility symbol found by hikers in the area.

Military Memorabilia

In honor of Loyalton’s military veterans, the hallway features an exhibit featuring artifacts from both World Wars, including newspaper articles, uniforms, equipment, and other memorabilia.

Other Hallway Exhibits

The hallway includes an eclectic mix of other artifacts, including portraits of early Loyalton settlers, a taxidermied mountain lion (confiscated by the California Highway Patrol at the Oregon border), and a logging map detailing the Clover Valley Lumber Company leases.